What is so special about the Tom Cruise?

Thomas Cruise Mapother IV is better and popularly known as Tom Cruise was born on July 3, 1962, in Syracuse, New York. His father is an Electrical Engineer, and his mother was a special education teacher. He developed an interest in acting when he was in high school, and now he is an A-list actor, one of the best actors of his generation and one of the most sought of actors in the screen history. Although he is a star to several box-office hits, good looking, super talented,  he is known to be a kind and a thoughtful man who is known for his compassion and generosity.  If you still want to know why he is special then here is a list-

  1. Tom Cruise is of German, Irish and English Ancestry.
  2. He bought his first motorcycle when he was 12 years old with his own savings
  3. Growing up he did all sorts of work like mowing the neighbour’s lawns to help his mum pay the bill, and while waiting for his big break, he was employed as a busboy, Porter ad he cleaned tables.
  4. He is an actor, a talented one at that and he is a producer as well and a Scientologist.
  5. He earned his Pilot’s license in the year 1994
  6. Nominated for three Academy Awards, won three Golden Globes Awards.
  7. Tom Cruise takes up interesting roles. His works include- The Outsiders, Risky Business, All the Right Moves, Top Gun, The Color of Money, Cocktail, Rain Man, Born on The Fourth of July, A Few Good Men, Mission Impossible, Jerry Maguire, Eyes Wide Shut, Magnolia, Vanilla Sky, Minority Report, Collateral, Tropic Thunder, etc.
  8. The iconic scene in Risky Business where Tom Cruise dances in his underwear were improvised by him and the movie is also very memorable for Ray-Ban, as the sales of the sunglasses Tom Cruise wore in the movie was boosted by 2000 percent.
  9. No one does action movies like Tom Cruise. He gives his all and super quality performance. He does his stunts for his action films, and if you have watched his movies, you will know that the stunts are not easy.
  10. He is a hero in movies and real life as well. In the year 1998, he saved a woman in London; she was being mugged. He chased the attackers away along with his bodyguards. Another incident took place in 1996; Tom Cruise witnessed a woman getting hit by a car. He accompanied her to the hospital, and after learning that she didn’t have insurance, he paid her emergency room bill which was $7000
  11. Director Doug Liman has said that ‘Nobody takes the trust of the audience more sacredly than Tom Cruise.”
  12. Since 2006, in Japan, October 10 has been recognised as Tom Cruise Day. This was declared for honouring the fact that Tom Cruise has visited the country more than any other Western actors.
  13. He simply makes great movies

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