The interstellar: Full theory uncovered

The man has always been intrigued when it comes to the topic of the universe and what is out there- Blackholes, Wormholes, Space Travel and Aliens.

The movie Interstellar is an intriguing movie, albeit it is just a movie it displays a lot of science in it making it seem so real. Interstellar was directed by Christopher Nolan with the help of the renowned theoretical physicist Kip Thorne as the advisor and executive producer. The movie explores topics such as black holes, wormholes, aliens and other planets with as accurate details as possible. Thorne had even written a book about the film called The Science of Interstellar

The movie is set in the future, at some nebulous point when there is global crop failure threatening the extinction of the entire race of humanity. So this leads to a band of explorers in search of a new planet that could save the race. The theory of space travel in this movie is that one can travel through a wormhole which is a sort of a tunnel. It allows quick travel to different parts of the universe. Hence the band of explorers goes on their quest through these wormholes. The movie delves into the space-science concept such as the journey through wormholes, and it also talks about a new race of aliens, one that is not located in the outer space but the Fifth Dimension-It is a semi-theoretical place that is located beyond our reality.

In this film, the NASA scientist believes that the beings belonging to the Fifth Dimension are trying to communicate with humanity.  That is later revealed that the Fifth Dimensional creatures are not aliens but humans from the future but have evolved beyond the time of the third dimension. A massive black hole- Gargantua was also being portrayed in the Interstellar, The protagonist falls into the black hole but eventually, makes it back out of the Gargantua black hole, and it showed that falling into the black hole is not the end. Stephen Hawking had also agreed to this and claims that anything which falls in could re-merge back into our universe or a parallel universe.

Interstellar portrays a lot about time travel, space, dimensions, gravity and relativity, trying its utmost best to make it look like how space would be.  The ‘Interstellar’ visual effects team used equations that were provided by Thorne with coming up with the film’s wormhole. Thorne has said in an interview –“Neither wormhole nor black holes have been depicted in any Hollywood movie in the way that they actually would appear… This is the first time the depiction began with Einstein’s general relativity equations”.

Nobody knows if wormhole and the travel through universe actually exist. No sign of them has been spotted yet but the collaboration between Thorne and Interstellar has made the film impressive, and the details that were added give an amazing view of the black hole. It seems so real that leaves us thinking if such things actually exist out there in space.


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