Epic movie sequels that you must watch

When there s a sequel to a movie, we do not know what to expect from it. Sometimes sequels prove to be just a waste of potential or something that does not reach the first movies expectation but sometimes sequels can surprise you, and it can turn out to be as good as the original. A good sequel embellishes the work of the original and brings out more of the elements.

A list of the most epic movie sequel made and that is a must watch (If you haven’t already watched) are-

  1. The Godfather II: This movie is one of the greatest sequels that was ever made and to add to that it is one of the best Hollywood movies ever made. Both Godfather I and II make an incredible duo. Directed by Francis Ford Coppola, it is the adaptation of Mario Puzo’s bestselling novel. The cast of the movie and everything makes this movie a masterpiece and sets a bar of how sequels should be made.
  2. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan: The whole of Star Trek series of films has been good, but this sequel presents the pinnacle of Star Trek. The story is perfect, and it captures the love of Spock and Kirk. Every scene in it carries weight, and there is so part where it fails to capture the attention, even Kirk’s roar of “Khaaaaan!” is enough to tell how well the sequel is made.
  3. The Dark Knight: This movie is one of the best sequels to be made that is based on comic book. Its success is unparalleled. It is not only a superhero film, but it turns into a crime thriller. The movie wraps so well around a theme and comes off very strong. Heath Ledger’s performance as the Joker has been one unforgettable work of his.
  4. The colour of money: Another outstanding example of a sequel is this movie. Although Martin Scorsese sequel to The Hustler comes after 25 years, it still does justice to the original. In this movie Fast Eddie Felson mentors a young Vincent Lauria which is played by Tom Cruise.
  5. Terminator 2: Judgment day – The sequel to Terminator did good work and keeping up with the earlier movie. The movie is about the cyborg who has to protect a ten-year-old boy from a more advanced futuristic cyborg. The action and the pace of the movie keep you wanting to know what is going to come next. The movie also shows about time travel and what it can do.
  6. Aliens: The original sci-fi movie is loved my many, and this sequel is different from the first. But different is not always bad. Aliens, the sequel is an action packed film with quite big sets and scenes in the movie. The movies give the adrenaline rush and a push to the aliens, giving the aliens what they had it coming. The perspective of the first film Alien and the sequel differs. This sequel portrays how the destructive nature of humanity would respond when a dangerous villain comes to the scene.

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